iWISHClub™ is an international brand with Singapore being the first market to launch The iWISHClub™ Program to the worldwide market. It was with strategic foresight that Singapore was chosen as it is the world’s gateway to Asia, where a total population of more than 2.8 billion people beckons, and where 25% of the world’s population is situated!

Following shortly in the Asia Region are Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea next year with Dubai, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and Europe following closely over the next 3 years.

Our goal is to expand iWISHClub™ globally, thus offering iWISHClub™ Members  and club holders and the most extensive and exclusive network of merchants in which to shop and enjoy the benefits that are available to them as iWISHClub™ clientele.

Only an exclusive number of 50 highly-rated and recommended service providers and merchants  from each of the TOP 10 Major Cities will be offered to our esteemed club-holders, who will ultimately form what we call the “Global Travel Privilege Club”.

At an annual membership fee of just $188 (online pricing), The ServeHope iWISHClub™ gives its members access to great value and savings that serves their lifestyle needs for gourmet-dining, self development programme, healthcare & relaxation. The iWISH Club is your license to all the finer things in life across the globe – all that you ever wanted!


Our area of focus and domain expertise is the emerging industries and economies of the Asia Pacific region. Our goal is to attract and relate to middle-management and senior-position professionals who aim for a better quality of life and after having successfully elevated their lifestyle, are keen to pursue a higher purpose in achieving self-actualization. Our prospects are seasoned travelers with a global mindset. Due to the fact that they support our social cause, our customers are also naturally warm-hearted philanthropists who believe in contributing to the welfare of the less fortunate. Putting their trust in the integrity of our company, our existing subscribers see themselves as stake-holders of Servehope and are given the best VIP treatment.

As part of our continuous effort to establish our company as a formidable force for community development and personal transformation, we hope to encourage our customers and members to identify themselves as contributors to the Global Travel Privilege Club.